Freshen Up Your Building For Spring

Spring is upon us and along with blue skies and warm weather comes the opportunity to enhance your property. Whether it’s simply maintaining the beauty of the building or adding upgrades, your property should always looks its best.

Just a few small building maintenance projects, can create a significant improvement in the overall aesthetic appeal of your building. 

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  • Power washing the masonry material around the entry ways and stairs is a great way to remove the weathering, debris build up and mildew from the stone surface.  This will go a long way in refreshing the building façade and bringing out the historic colors and tones of the masonry.
  • Consider painting and sealing the exterior steps while the weather permits.  Ice melt, shovels, ice pics and general foot traffic are all contributing factors to the accelerated deterioration of the masonry steps.  It is particularly important to be vigilant of any cracks or openings around the steps joints.  If left unaddressed the damaged areas will leave the building susceptible to routine water infiltration.
  • Professional carpet cleaning and deodorizing is a great way to freshen up the common areas after a long messy winter.  This is a key component to maintaining and extending the useful life of the carpet as well.  Not to mention the vast improvement the interior of the building will enjoy with freshly shampooed carpets.
  • Exterior window washing is terrific way to vastly improve the exterior appearance of your building.   However, we recommend waiting until the pollen season is complete for an exterior cleaning.  This will ensure longer lasting clarity for your windows!  

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