At Lighthouse Realty Management, we take the greatest pride in our ability to solve problems effectively while continually driving values for our clients and residents. We enjoy taking responsibility for getting things done. Our philosophy begins with knowing that the way in which we conduct ourselves and our company will have an effect on others.  That’s why we feel it is our obligation each and every day to act responsibly, with honesty, and integrity so that we always have a positive impact on the lives of our clients, residents, and the communities in which we service.

To achieve our goals, we have developed a very simple business philosophy, which is that our clients and residents are our main focus.  We believe that managing property successfully begins on site, and not behind a computer screen.  This belief allows us to take a proactive approach at preventative problem solving and allows us to properly devise sustainable action plans and budgets for each property individually.

We also believe that our success comes from the talented team of employees that we have developed, to deliver the high level of stewardship, accountability and integrity that our clients are accustomed to receiving from us. Our approach is a combination of both personal and professional. Our team members understand that they are not just managing properties; they are directly impacting people’s day-to-day lives.  We take great pride in going beyond the call of duty for our properties, our clients and our employees.